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By Wendy Guns | event | 26/4/2024 | 4 minuten leestijd

Want to secure your free ticket? Simply register at Antwerp Design Week ( This ticket allows you to be scanned at all showrooms, facilitating the exchange of contact information.

ADW offers a fresh design experience for professionals, such as retailers, hospitality experts, interior designers, and architects. Brands open their HQs and temporary ADW- locations in and around Antwerp, creating inspiring hubs.

Think of ADW as your professional city trip, where you’ll meet trusted and new quality partners spanning from furniture to art, while discovering all that Antwerp has to offer from culture to fashion.

To enhance your Antwerp Design Week experience, we prioritize convenience. We offer hotel and restaurant recommendations, facilitate transportation with car rentals and free options, and divide the city into five districts for easier navigation. Think of it as a professional city trip, and our website and app as your city guide. Your journey is our priority, and we’re here to make it as convenient as possible.

Antwerp Design Week connects not only top design companies but also the beautiful city of Antwerp with its best restaurants and shops. Visitors can stroll through the city between showroom visits and fully experience what Antwerp Design Week has to offer.

Step by step

How do I plan my trip to Antwerp Design Week?

Decide which days you want to attend ADW and explore the participating design brands and events on the official website.

1- Get Your Free Tickets: Tickets are available from April for the days you plan to attend.

2- Transport: Plan your travel to Antwerp, whether it’s by car, train, or other transportation methods. Find out more about our partnerships with Hertz rental cars!

3- Accommodation: Book your accommodation in Antwerp in advance to ensure you have a place to stay in the wonderful partners hotels of ADW during your visit.

4- Navigation: When arrived in Antwerp you move around to visit companies in their own headquarters, pop-ups or flagship stores located in one of our 5 districts. Navigate between locations effortlessly by using the ADW mobile app with your own transportation, or enjoy the convenience of our complimentary ADW transport options!

5 - Explore Design Brands: On the day of your visit, explore the various design brands and events happening throughout the 5 districts. We recommend travelling one district at the time.

6 - Attend Events: Attend any events, workshops, or exhibitions that interest you. Check the schedule for timings and locations.

7 - Enjoy the Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of design, interact with designers and artists, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Antwerp Design Week.

8 - Share Your Experience: Share your ADW experience on social media using the official hashtags and tag Antwerp Design Week to connect with other attendees and share your highlights.

Considering transportation options?

If you’re planning to explore districts North, East, South, or West, bringing your car or renting one (1) would be convenient, as parking is readily available in front of showrooms. However, in bustling downtown areas, we suggest opting for a Velo bike (2) for easier maneuverability. Leave your car at the hotel or a nearby garage for hassle-free exploration. If you prefer not to drive yourself, we offer complimentary pre-booked shuttles, on-demand taxi services, or discounted rates for Get Driven, a platform providing private chauffeurs. Simply visit ‘The Club’ for assistance in arranging your transportation, or utilize our user-friendly website or mobile app to book your preferred mode of transport. (1) Discover our partnership with Hertz to get lowered prices on rental cars. (2) Pick up your free vouchers for Velo-bikes at ‘The Club

Discover the 5 districts: Downtown, North, East, South, and West. Locate districts on our map and find brand details on our website or app. For smooth visits, we recommend exploring one district at a time. Use our mobile app as your tour guide and simply find all locations on 1 map or per district.


Antwerp Design Week revolves around the HUBS, locations where brands with headquarters in and around Antwerp generously host other brands that may not have a presence in the city. This unique setup fosters a dynamic exchange of diverse design ideas. Visitors have the opportunity to connect with a variety of brands, build meaningful connections, and explore potential collaborations.

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