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By Wendy Guns | designstories | 19/1/2023 | 3 minuten leestijd

Wendy Guns has created a hand-knotted rug for Ashtari’s rug design studio in a limited edition

Design/Design Concept

Wendy Guns has created a hand-knotted rug for Ashtari’s rug design studio in a limited edition of 13 pieces + 2 artist proofs (AP). For the occasion, inspiration was found in nature. Nature harbors so much beauty that we as humans sometimes pay too little attention to. The idea was to simulate motion in a flat object. Movement not in the purest sense of the word, but in the simulation of the nature of movement in time. We were very attracted by the irregular yet harmonious interplay of lines in the cross section of an agate stone. The bands were only formed by thousands of years of physical processes and accumulation in volcanic rock. Nature’s patient masterpiece enraptures us and we like to compare it to our fleeting existence on our blue planet. The works translate this volatility in a decorative way. From an esoteric point of view, the green agate has a grounding, stabilizing and protective effect. The stone also is known for its calming effect and makes one feel safe. It provides both mental and emotional peace and balance. Edition: 13 + 2 AP’s Price: 13888,88 euro (incl. 21% VAT) Optional: insured shipment, underlay, carpet grippers for wallhangings Excluding: contractual work for installment of rug Production time: around 4 months

Great carpets never come along

We have developed a series in three different sizes in matching irregular shapes with the same composition. We resolutely opt for three organic forms. These are designed to coexist in symbiosis in an installation of two or three or as separate individual entities.


We created an organic (non rectangular) shape with an innovative fluent rotating design. It is possible to create a different non-rectangular shape if desired. We have three different shapes in our design library and we will be able to advise our clients accordingly based on their preferences or project. The materials used for this rug are wool, bamboo and allo (wild nettle) yarns. Each of the knots is blended and we have made 27 different color shades and combinations. To create a tactile and subtle high/low effect we embossed and carved the zones in allo to 3mm whereas the overall pile height is +/- 5 mm. The knot count of this rug is 100 knots and Tibetan weave.


Environment - For all our designs we choose to use 100% natural materials like wool, bamboo, allo, cactus & Chinese silk. We have a commitment to steer clear of all virgin synthetic materials. Moreover, all dyes used by us are AZO-free Swiss dyes. Social Responsibility This rug is made by one of our suppliers in Nepal which has a scholars program since 1992 wherein they help send all of their weavers’ children to school from Kindergarten to Grade Ten. They also help them with mentorship programs and other needs like books and stationary. Goodweave Ashtari carpets is certified by the Goodweave label.

Original contemporary design showing optimum use of materials

Manufacturing: @ashtaricarpets


Sizes Green Agate 1: 2m44 x3m05

Green Agate 2: 2m38 x 2m30

Green Agate 3: 2m x 2m15

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