Ashtari Carpets produces a stunning staircase runner for the newly renovated Cityhall of Antwerp

By Wendy Guns | design stories | 25/6/2022 | Eén minuut leestijd

Ashtari is very proud to have been a part of the beautiful rugdesign project in the renovated city hall of Antwerp.

The project has a total of 7 beautiful hand-knotted rugs produced by Ashtari Carpets and designed by Studio Lommer and Jente Hendrickx. At the reopening of the city hall, after a long renovation, the first of seven designs can be admired. The runner was designed as a subtle but contemporary carpet that guides the visitors up the stairs.

Manufacturing: @ashtaricarpets

Design:@studiolommer and @jentehendrickx

Renovation City Hall: @hub_architects @origin_eu @bureaubouwtechniek

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