The people behind Ashtari Carpets

background | 29/11/2016 | One minute read | nl

Reza Ashtari

As a child I was always in contact with carpets and I became fascinated with the art of carpet-weaving. I was intrigued with their vivid colours and complex patterns and I wanted to find out the story behind each carpet

My father became my teacher, he involved me in his work and slowly I also developed a passion and feeling for carpets and interiors. I was introduced to the wonderfully complex world of carpet-weaving. My fascination became an inspiration.

We travel in the four directions of the world, searching for the most beautiful rugs, kelims, pillows, antique textile and so much more. Our quest leads to age-old markets, modern weaving ateliers and traditional nomadic herders. On some places it seems time stands still, while other places are brimming with technology and artistic progress. That’s how we carefully build up our collection.

Wendy Guns

I am the second eldest of three daughters. My mother is Chinese and my father Belgian, so I am raised by both cultures.

During the past 10 years I have worked as a designer in the communication sector until I met Reza…and his passion for carpet-weaving. Soon his passion became our passion. Today we work together and inspire each other.


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